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Hilleke specializes in a small footprint and most frequently works as a one-man band or with a two-person crew in very intimate situations where discretion and a fly-on-the-wall approach is preferred and powerhouse results are required. But, if you give him a ten-ton and G&E department he's comfortable there too as he came up through the ranks gripping and gaffing and continues to fill those positions from time to time, keeping his chops up and coffers loaded.

Combining his efficiency in the smaller situations with his down-to-earth team leading skills on the bigger ones proves to be a high potency combination of creative firepower for the entire production to enjoy.


Having served as DIT on feature films and being an independent filmmaker himself, Hilleke stays up to date with tech trends and is very familiar with the ever-changing motion picture capture landscape.

From 16mm film, SVHS and Beta to the now endless array of digital acquisition formats, he's amassed a diverse range of experience with cinematography and post production over the years. His long established post production know-how has become a necessary skill set for the contemporary cinematographer. Understanding color space, DIT workflows, LUTS and DSPs is akin to knowing how a particular film stock will react to light and special processing with the added digital nuance of infinite possibility; knowledge that is a welcome addition to any show.


Leveraging all this experience, he brings the best out of any shooting situation whether it be documentary or fiction while his dedication to good storytelling insures that, no matter how elusive your story is, he'll help you find it and show it as effectively as possible.

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